Mutual Fund Distribution

Frontline Securities Ltd established its mutual fund distribution arm in 2003. We have created a relatively large AUM and a network of strong relationships with our clients, associates and mutual funds. We emphasize on high quality customer service. To meet this end, we offer several services to ensure that the client is completely informed about his investments, and is always in complete control of these.

Comprehensive Analysis

Our mutual fund software allows our researchers to obtain up to date market data, based on which they can analyze investment opportunities. This information is conveyed to our clients based on their investment requirements.

Tax Planning Advice

Along with risk and return analysis, we also offer tax planning advice to ensure that all client investments are tax efficient to maximize returns.

Back Office Services

We provide complete back office support including pick up and drop off of documents and cheques, providing and filling in forms and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Online Facilities

Our website offers our clients an option to view their portfolios online. We are constantly updating this to add new features and options to provide our clients with comprehensive information about their investments.

Commission Details